New Online Coaching Programme

We have developed a new online coaching programme suitable to all levels within academia: whether you are a PhD student, a Post-doc, a Fellow, or a Faculty member, this programme is for you.


In our coaching course dedicated to academics, we offer tailored solutions to critical aspects of the personal and professional development during the career of an academic such as knowing yourself, ensuring career progression, developing a successful team, managing your workload or managing stress


The course provides the tools for you to have a comprehensive vision that allows you to identify and evaluate the parameters necessary to make decisions and advance your career development.

Course structure

The course is made of 5 parts which tackle all aspects of the academic career development. Each section of the course includes various tutorial sheets containing questions that provoke insight and learning. In these tutorial sheets you can apply what you read to your personal case. These questions will guide you to set goals, choose actions or next steps that will lead you to see some practical changes happening in your daily life.

Part 1 – Knowing yourself

In Part 1, “Knowing Yourself”, discover the importance of knowing the difference between facts and interpretations, design your wheel of life, identify your purpose, and define your goals. Learn how to transform your emotions and their importance in your life. Finally, learn how to identify your temperament and how it affects your decisions and your interaction with others.

Part 2 – How to advance in your career

In Part 2, “How to advance in your career”, learn how to identify your road map and how to become an expert in your field. Gain understanding of the importance of caring for your collaborators and how to do it.

Part 3 – How to develop a successful team

In Part 3, “How to develop a successful team”, get knowledge on the different leadership styles and how you can use them, learn essential leadership skills to lead your team. Get an insight into what matters when you manage your group and supervise students and post-docs. Finally, discover the importance of being a role model.

Part 4 – How to manage your workload

In Part 4, “How to manage your workload”, take a look at various topics that affect your daily work and learn how to prioritize tasks versus urgency, how to chair a meeting, and how to give a great speech.

Part 5 – How to manage stress

In Part 5, “How to manage stress”, learn how to manage your expectations based on your goals, get an insight into the importance of celebrating results and some healthy habits to implement in your daily life. Discover tools to maintain a healthy work/personal life balance. Learn the power of saying ‘No’ and get more understanding on the importance of sleep and nutrition.

List of Contents

The course includes 5 pdf documents with more than 160 pages including 61 pages of tutorial questions where you can apply what you read directly to your personal case so that you can set some actions to change.

Lifetime access

Our goal is to keep updating this course by providing additional sections and improving the content delivery by creating videos for you to watch, if you prefer instead of reading.

By accessing the course now, you will get early access to an incredible content AND you will get lifetime access to any further updates at no additional cost, even if the price of the course goes up when the course expands.

It is thus a unique opportunity for you to get access to a course that will change your working habits and make you a better all-round academic.

Money back guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the course within 30 days of purchase and you can demonstrate that you have gone through at least one tutorial sheet, we will refund you with no question being asked. Our aim is to bring value to you, and we think that this course is an incredible offer, but if this is not for you, we will give back your money to enable you to find the support that you need.


  • One part of the course
    (lifetime access)

Access for £149


  • Full course
    (lifetime access)
  • Online support during the first 10 weeks


Access for £599


  • Full course
    (lifetime access)
  • Online support during the first 10 weeks
  • 2 personal sessions of 30 min coaching

Access for £699

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