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Are you multi-tasking or focused-tasking?

Are you multi-tasking or focused-tasking?

Multi-tasking is not being more efficient One of the main challenges for new faculty staff is to adapt to multi-tasking. PhDs and post-docs mostly work on an individual project, sometimes helping a graduate student with their project but most of the time they work on...

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The benefits of having an Academic Coach

The benefits of having an Academic Coach

Expert coaching: Coaching has a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence, work-performance and wellness. Coaching is a highly personalized and individualized process where the coach accompanies you and works side by side with you towards the achievement of your...

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We recently presented at the International Women in Biomechanics Society on “Living a fulfilling career and personal life“.  A lot of our ethos and approach are presented and hopefully you can benefit too. Our Online Coaching Programme expands on many of the topics discussed in this presentation.


Other articles

In this section we share a list of articles published by other media around academic career.

Pandemic burnout is rampant in academia

Remote working, research delays and childcare obligations are taking their toll on scientists, causing stress and anxiety.

‘Nurture trumps nature’ in PhD success

Strength of supervision more important than prior ability in determining doctoral performance, Australian study indicates

Academic overwork ‘leaves no time for keeping healthy’

Health and exercise needs overlooked as work demands and self-expectations leave time for little else

Academic prowess ‘no longer enough’ for university leadership

Technological know-how and compassion key in the post-Covid era, leaders say

Covid ‘helping to cure campus compassion deficit’

With students stressed, academics see overriding value of showing more humanity

Leadership qualities do not have a gender

Obliging women to adopt ‘male’ characteristics is not just unfair – it also impoverishes university management, says Corinne Houart

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